Oh, Nine!

This is a nine year for me. Don’t know if you’re into numerology, but nines are all about completion, transitioning into endings to start new beginnings (at least that’s my definition). I was born in ’60, which makes it very easy to remember how old I am (see last one or two digits of current year). And all the years ending in 9 have been big transitions for me–usually a physical move is somehow involved. With the present state of “real” estate, I don’t think that will be happening this year. This will be a move of the mind and spirit, a transition to a new phase of life for me. My one and only offspring heads away to college in the fall, and my husband and I will find ourselves existing as a “couple” again, whatever that means. I’ve forgotten. Most of our friends have younger children coming along, so we find ourselves premature empty-nesters. I’m not much for diaries, and my journals have been half-completed, non-productive affairs. Perhaps putting my thoughts out in cyperspace will give me some perspective (make that distance) in the coming months of 2009.

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