New Year, New Theme

After much soul searching, and–okay, just plain goofing off–I’ve finally chosen my theme for this year. I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions which I tend to break as soon as possible. In fact, I’m proud to say I’ve set up and ignored about five million schedules and lists of good intentions during my nearly half-century of existence.

No, my theme isn’t really a goal as much as it is a perspective, or a frame to view the world. It’s also a way of life that I’ve flirted with since I was a kid. In this complicated life, full of utility bill deadlines, crazy commutes, dental appointments and emergency trips to the convenience store, I have a longing for (get ready) SIMPLE.

SIMPLE is not “suburban.” How’s that for an obvious statement? But wait a minute! Where do I live? Hmmmm. Yes, I do believe I live in suburbia–a more practical, middle-class, midwestern suburbia, but one that qualifies, nonetheless.

And I’m afraid I would be classified as a card-carrying suburbanite. Mind you, I never got the hang of play groups and hyperventilate at the thought of hauling multiples of screaming children to soccer practice, but I do have to drive everywhere, and confess to occasional forays into retail therapy at Target and Home Depot. Oh, and I do like my wireless internet and cable TV.

I admit I was a willing but disappointed participant in our move from the country life seven years ago, after being diagnosed with a chronic illness. Things were simpler in the country, but I had more stuff to maintain. Now I have a lot less stuff, but find my interactions with the outside world a bit overwhelming. All I ask is a happy medium.

So this year, I’m focused on simplifying the life that I’ve already started to declutter in my “letting go” phase of last year. I’ve been scouring the organization books, and immersing myself in the minimalism blogs. These are useful sources but also a marvelous delay tactic. During this year, I will hold myself to implementing the gems of wisdom I’ve squirreled away. Drawing from my own life experiences, I may have a few unique (or crazy) ideas that I’ll try to pass along–although are there any more original thoughts left in the universe?

All in all, I hope to untangle the knots of a complicated modern life without flatlining myself.

Simple, right?