10 Signs That Spring Is Too Early

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  • The flowers have finished blooming before taxes are due.
  • The neighbor has come out in his summer pajamas to get the newspaper.
  • The robins are panting.
  • Families are heading north to cooler climates for spring break.
  • You and the cat and/or dog have finished shedding.
  • The groundhogs who predicted six more weeks of winter have been given pink slips.
  • You are already tired of eating outside.
  • You wish the outdoor pool was open.
  • The brand-new blade on your mower is already dull.
  • Folks have stopped laughing about global warming.


7 thoughts on “10 Signs That Spring Is Too Early

  1. Groundhog27

    Yep, the layoff hurt. Still looking for work. Skills include tunneling, foundations, tear-downs, partial burials and farmer aggravation. References are strong — personally know Punxsutawney Phil.

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Farmer aggravation is a definite plus on the resume. And don’t forget landscaping opportunities and speed bumps.

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