10 Signs It Will Be a Hard Winter


1.  The wooly worms are wearing parkas.

2.  The cat has settled in for the season — on your bed.

3.  You have the urge to bulk up on fat. And brandy.

4.  You find nuts in your shoes.

5.  The concept of body hair grows on you.

6.  You take up knitting and crochet to keep warm.

7.  Critters are on the waiting list to live in your crawl space.

8.  Stores have already run out of milk and toilet paper.

9.  Checking for drafts becomes an indoor sport.

10. Uggs start to look fashionable.

Bonus sign:  The geese have flown south this year. For real.

5 thoughts on “10 Signs It Will Be a Hard Winter

  1. Whale Maiden

    Oh, I am so glad you are Freshly Pressed (congratulations, ) and I enjoy your voice. Please keep writing.


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