2010 in Minimalist Moments

Yes, this is one of those end-of-the-year reviews with ten posts I managed to wrangle from the pile of debris that was my 50th year. The year could have been better. But it could have been much worse, and so I am grateful for the opportunity to ponder stuff I truly care about, however tongue-in-cheek at times. That’s life, right?

If there is a “theme” to be found in these ten minimalist moments, I’ll be darned if I can find one other than the art and practice of less. The Minimalist Movement has taken off so well, that I fear anything I write will be a cliche — or the name of someone else’s blog.

I’ve been on this journey longer than the shiny up-and-coming minimalists have been alive. From the dewy-eyed grad student heading into an unknown future with all her worldly possessions fitting into the back of a VW diesel Rabbit, to the ailing middle-aged recluse struggling in a country home filled with too many projects and dreams planted but not harvested, my wheel of life turns from less to more to less in a never-ending cycle.

I could be wrong, but judging by a shift in the wind, the times are a-changin’. I read the words of fresh and seasoned minimalists alike, encouraged by the wealth of ideas spinning out there. What was old is new again. And what is new can take us into a bright future that just might be worth living, for us and our children.

In 2011, I’ll be trying some of those innovative minimalist projects and approaches on for size.

Until then, a list of this year’s Minimalist Moments, more or less:

The Mail Monster (where I mail myself down)

Houseplant Hoarding (can anyone say “little shop of horrors”)

Out of the Closet (and into the car for Goodwill)

Hobbling the Hobbies (although macrame is making a comeback)

Organization–Do You Need It? (I know I do . . . around tax time)

Traveling Light (now I let the squirrels housesit for me while away)

Taking on the “100 Thing Challenge” (Dave’s book just came out)

What Do You Give a Minimalist? (my mom still tries, bless her heart)

What’s In YOUR Garage? (not a snowblower, that’s for sure)

The Tannenbaum Tango (still learning the steps, but it’s hopeful)

Thanks so much for reading along this year. And here’s to a bright and shiny New Year!