The Project 333 Affair

This year I’ve decided to have a fling. With my clothes. I’m tired of standing on the sidelines while others engage in passionate and groundbreaking liaisons with their garments. I’m filled with jealousy reading about romantic trysts with neglected accessories. I’m hopeful at the prospect of breathing new life into old footwear. Yes, I am ready to take the plunge into Courtney Carver’s second phase of Project 333.

Last fall, apparel pioneers like Meg Wolfe, Beverly Army Williams, Robyn Devine, Andrew Odom and many more had the guts to seek new relationships with their wardrobes. And like a good matchmaker, Courtney has set specific guidelines and boundaries for successful clothing courtship, while she, herself, practices what she preaches at Be More With Less.

Briefly, the game plan is this: Your closet is limited to 33 items from January 1st through March 31st, including jewelry, shoes and outerwear; excluding jewelry one wears all the time (or can’t remove), loungewear, workout raiment, undergarments and PJ’s. For those who get cold feet, Courtney has included new bonus rules for a little wiggle room.

As an evasive Pisces, I am often a weenie about commitment, but I am all about turning over a new leaf (or fin, flipper, whatever). Therefore, I have tried to stick to the original plan with no exceptions. Once I could let go of the whole “just in case” quagmire, choosing the clothes was not as difficult as I thought.

The big pitfall for me was in limiting those earrings. I like to wear different, and often wacky, baubles to suit my mood. As an aside, I was known to dangle plastic food from my ears in the good ol’ punk days — a fetching pair of fried eggs was my favorite. And no, I don’t still have them.

I am older now. I keep telling myself that, anyway. My clothes are not as “interesting” as in my vintage days of yore. I’m also in between identities at the moment, so my selections are versatile and a tad nondescript (for camouflage purposes).

Without further ado, my list of 33 items:

  1. White tank
  2. Black tank
  3. White t-shirt
  4. Black t-shirt
  5. Green long sleeve t-shirt
  6. Black long sleeve t-shirt
  7. Black turtleneck
  8. Black print tunic
  9. Purple velvet tunic
  10. Print blouse
  11. Blue top
  12. Blue plaid shirt
  13. Grey cardigan
  14. Blue cardigan
  15. Blue sweater
  16. Maroon sweater
  17. Black vest
  18. Grey dress pants
  19. Black dress pants
  20. Black jeans
  21. Blue jeans
  22. Black winter coat
  23. Multi Print scarf
  24. Blue print scarf
  25. Grey hat
  26. Gloves
  27. Purple purse
  28. Black pant boots
  29. Black loafers
  30. Black sneakers
  31. Purple necklace
  32. Blue 1928 Earrings
  33. Buddha Hand Earrings

Who knows? I may fall in love and make this a permanent thing. Guess I’ll have to break it to my husband gently.


Most of my 33 things.

5 thoughts on “The Project 333 Affair

  1. This plan looks like it would work for you. But, some of the folks at work, if they had to count all their ten levels of earrings, nosestuds, lip rings, eyebrow pins, and body piercings. Well, they would be left with a store apron and no pants. That would be bad enough for the customers, but those of us who have to go behind them to get the trash, we just don’t want to see that.

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Oh, the images I get from reading about this scenario, Mike. Yes, I agree that this project won’t work for some folks. Makes the fried egg earrings look pretty tame. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. > Guess I’ll have to break it to my husband gently.

    He’s not a fan?

    Thanks so much for posting your exact list. I’m still way below 33 items, lacking some important basics. Am trying to figure out the best plan for working up, which items will contribute the most value.

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Well, he does get more closet space this way. I had trouble letting go of “emergency” items that are never worn, so to me, you’re way ahead of the game with less. I figure after three months in my new lifestyle (staying at home) I’ll have a better idea of what I’ll really need. Good luck with your list and thanks for commenting, here and on Twitter.

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