Project 333 Winter Love

Update: I’ve grown very fond of layers and anything that’s fuzzy in my carefully chosen wardrobe of 33. A month into the second phase of Courtney Carver’s minimalist clothing challenge, and the sweaters, scarves and trusty turtleneck have become my best buddies. Even the “you shouldn’t have” holiday gift socks shoved to the back of my drawer have seen the light of day recently.

Why all the warmth and affection? Well, let’s see: the sun has appeared a total of 3 hours so far this year, I’ve forgotten what grass looks like (the lawn variety), icicles on my house are so large that I’ve started using them as canes to cross the treacherous luge run of my driveway, and I haven’t left the old homestead in a long, long, long time.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Earlier this week, I did manage a dash to the store for essential supplies like toilet paper and pop tarts before THE GREAT STORM of 2011. Which I survived obviously, although I’m in serious mourning over the ratty pair of long underwear I recklessly discarded at the beginning of this project.

Ah, what a fool this mortal is!

A word to the wise about my other wardrobe decisions so far:

Travel will be super easy if I can just get out my door. Although I work from home these days, I was looking forward to a business trip this week with minimal selection and light packing. But because of THE GREAT STORM, that ain’t happening.

Lose the dress slacks. I l-o-v-e denim. My black denim jeans can look casual or dressy depending on what I wear with them, a pair of heels or mukluks. And the long-sought-after, perfect blue pair is my BFF.

Color is a good thing. While basics in black and grey go with everything, during countless gloomy days I really enjoy the bright spots found in scarves, accessories and yes, even those socks again.

I’m having fun with mix-and-match. It’s like a puzzle for those everlasting snow days, when cabin fever sets in and you begin to wander around the house talking to yourself. (Okay, more than usual.) Instead, play with different combos to see if they fit your look. Can I pull off stripes AND flannel?

Big surprise, I haven’t missed my jewelry yet. I don’t linger over the “perfect” choice of earrings these days. I either wear one of the two pairs selected for the Project, or I don’t. (Having them frozen to your earlobes for weeks at a time helps with the decision, too.)

And now, on to February and fresh revelations, not to mention the early spring promised by Phil, Chuck and other weather-predicting rodents out there. Personally, I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day and candy.

Forget romance — at least the Red Hots will keep me warm.

5 thoughts on “Project 333 Winter Love

  1. Hey, Tamara, glad you survived the big blizzard, too! I’m mending the mends in my house socks these days, but cozy is the First Directive, isn’t it?

    Agree totally with lose the dress slacks. I’ve only got one pair, they fit really well, made of heavy wool and lined, and they would have been useless because they’re not the kind of thing you work from home in. Jeans are definitely it, and like you I’ve got the black ones that can be dressed up. I never seem to need to dress up, tho.

    The scarves and shawls are a godsend. I wear them in the house to keep any draft off my delicate neck ;D

    We got around 20 inches of snow here, and DH is still excavating the end of the driveway where the snowplows packed it in like concrete.

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Hi Meg! I’ve been thinking about you this week, and hoped you were in good shape for the storm. We’ve got a very thick icy sludge that may melt by July at this rate. There’s very little that can be done without salt except to be patient and lounge at home (which as you know I’m very good at). At least the power didn’t go out on us. As for the socks, I’m always mending little holes where my badly-in-need-of-clipping toenails have poked through. 🙂 I’ve taken up knitting again, so maybe I will try socks one of these days. Take care and stay warm. Good luck with the driveway — 20 inches, wow!

  2. Tamara,

    If anyone can pull off stripes and flannel it’ll be you baby. Go for it! When I first met my honey many, many years ago, he thought that plaid and plaid went together because, well, they were both plaid! Yes as in plaid shorts with a different plaid patterned shirt, a common duo for him!

    Back then I wasn’t as in touch with myself and believed the style gurus way too much. I slowly sophisticated him over the years. Now I look back fondly on those plaid on plaid ensembles and wish I hadn’t sophisticated him so much!

    About that snow and ice ladies, I don’t mean to rub it in, but I’ve been enjoying the beach and the lawn chair here in sunny Florida.

    The weather will clear any moment and you’ll see the sun shining again and all that pretty green grass…

  3. suburbansatsangs

    Well, what do you know, it’s snowing again today. (I’m knitting faster.) And Tanja, you’d better not advertise that beautiful Florida weather or you’ll be facing a mass exodus from the north country to your warm paradise. Good thing the planes can’t take off right now. 😉

    And plaid on plaid is all the rage these days! Great to see you here.

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