Project 333: The Wrap. Up.

Color my world.

My, my, how March rushed by in a blur. April has been prancing around for some time now and I keep plugging away with most of my original 33 items, picked for Phase 2 of Courtney Carver’s Project 333 Challenge. There was some good, some bad, and a little ugly.

The Good: While I was mostly confined to the house (if not bed) in February due to health issues, March was spent gallivanting about the countryside wearing an easy assortment of separates and accessories. Even while stripping off layers when I found myself in abrupt southern swelter, I noticed my travel selections stayed versatile enough to handle heat waves, and the all-too familiar chill when we reluctantly headed back to northern climes.

The Bad: However, by March there were some swap outs and a few casualties. My winter coat was traded for a jacket as the days grew milder and longer. The winter gloves kept quiet in the coat closet. I also removed two tunics from the line-up and foolishly bought a short-sleeved novelty tee with little plastic discs sewn artistically to the front which I’m sure will fall off when washed.

The Ugly: I realized my old long-sleeved black tee had grown short enough to allow me to join the ranks of repairmen everywhere when I bent over, so I purchased a replacement of reasonable length at Target, and retired the old shirt to the role of pajama top.

I also flushed one of my beloved 1928 earrings down the toilet during a trip in March. With the lid down. Don’t ask me how — it was one of those freaky things. I valiantly tried to retrieve the unfortunate accessory to no avail. (I’ll spare you the details.) The rest of us carried on without it until the end of March when I bought a new handmade pair at a craft fair as replacements.

The Exceptions: I wore almost all of the items chosen for the project, and I didn’t regret any of the stuff I left out, with one exception. I missed my collection of earrings. I knew I would. I dearly love to make a daily selection according to momentary whim.

I also became bored with all the black and white in my wardrobe. While I know that you need a strong base of neutrals, I found myself craving bright colors throughout the three months that my scarves helped alleviate but couldn’t entirely quench. I was drawn to multi-colored yarns and brilliant floral displays like a moth to the flame.

Maybe it’s been a long, dark winter.

The Future: Participation in this project has brought me closer to defining my style, which has been a life-long struggle. Along the way, reading about the journeys of others inspired me. Among them, Janet at Gardener’s Cottage taught me to carefully consider the cut and color of each item and how it coordinates with the rest. She is the essence of style.

And Meg at Minimalist Woman encouraged me to be aware of where and how my clothing is made and to choose accordingly. She’s got a great list going of responsible clothing brands. I’ll be reading labels, and haunting ethical, local and handmade businesses from now on.

As for the next phase, I will be heading off on my own. I am, by nature, a nonconformist and quiet rebel. Project 333 has given me a good start, but I aim to set up unique restrictions and create personal guidelines that let my freak flag fly.

Stay tuned.

For those of you still reading this and care about particulars, what follows is my original list with annotations.

  1. White tank
  2. Black tank
  3. White t-shirt
  4. Black t-shirt
  5. Green long sleeve t-shirt
  6. Black long sleeve t-shirt (replaced)
  7. Black turtleneck
  8. Black print tunic (traded out)
  9. Purple velvet tunic (traded out)
  10. Print blouse
  11. Blue top (didn’t wear)
  12. Blue plaid shirt
  13. Grey cardigan
  14. Blue cardigan
  15. Blue sweater
  16. Maroon sweater
  17. Black vest
  18. Grey dress pants
  19. Black dress pants
  20. Black jeans
  21. Blue jeans
  22. Black winter coat (traded out)
  23. Grey Print scarf
  24. Blue print scarf
  25. Grey hat (replaced)
  26. Gloves (put away)
  27. Purple purse
  28. Black pant boots
  29. Black loafers
  30. Black sneakers
  31. Purple necklace (didn’t wear)
  32. Blue 1928 Earrings (lost)
  33. Buddha Hand Earrings

5 thoughts on “Project 333: The Wrap. Up.

  1. Oooooo I do so hate those too-short tops!!!! Love this post and thanks for the chuckles. Up here it has been difficult to wear my spring clothes and I’m actually still wearing my winter ones but in fewer layers. Everyone around me is still in their dark winter things, too, except for a few hardy teens who couldn’t wait to wear their butt-cheek shorts and gladiator sandals!

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Very glad you liked it, Meg. I’m having a laugh over here about the butt-cheek shorts and gladiator sandals. You’ve made my day!

  2. Wow, I’m impressed that you were able to hang in there as you set out to do. But I’m wondering if you could point me in the direction of the “origin” post if it already exists (I tried to find it but could not) or else write one as to why you are drawn to minimalism: Is it religious, political, or personal in nature?

    1. suburbansatsangs

      You ask a great question, Adriene. Why am I drawn to minimalism? I guess there’s a little of all three that you mentioned. I find it helps me spiritually by keeping my space free from daily dogma, it prevents me from consuming resources and polluting the environment, plus I’m changing my personal patterns since I come from a family of hoarders.

      I think I’ve been a minimalist by nature since I was a kid, with many moves under my belt. But, I’ve also had relapses and suffered a few overwhelming relocations with too much stuff. It’s an ongoing process. I’ll try to post something in the future to address the origin. Thanks for pointing this out!

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