Photo Friday: Death and Pansies

Every year I make a point to procure some of these cheerful little faces of early spring. Plain or marked with velvet smudges, the smell is what takes me down the flowered path to my childhood.

As a toddler, I played with scoop and pail in the sandy cold frames of my family’s nursery, where the earliest seedlings were overwintered or hardened off to face the world.

And according to family lore, it is where my great-grandfather took his last breath, an immigrant from a war-ravaged empire who began a twilight rebirth in the land of his conquerors.

I plant them by my front door so that I can catch that delicate fragrance and remember in passing of budding breezes and fresh starts.

They found him in the pansies, already on his way.

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Death and Pansies

  1. Vera

    Love the strong photograph! Your thoughts read like a lovely poem dedicated to your great-grandfather. I bought a used book in Goodwill today – Botanical Illustrations in Watercolor by Wunderlich. Spring flowers and memories are a wonderful creative inspiration. 🙂 Enjoy the pansies by your door…

  2. suburbansatsangs

    What a lovely comment, Vera. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without flowers. Have a happy floral weekend!

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Hey thanks, Meg! I’ve heard of flash fiction. Maybe I should look into it. Caught the photo shot in a sunny moment — all too fleeting this weekend.

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