Photo Friday: The Summertime Food

I’ll tell you how hot it’s been. We’ve already consumed two batches of ice-cold potato salad (family recipe) and June isn’t even halfway over. The official beginning of summer is still days away. Something tells me there will be many more to come, an assembly line to red-skinned, soft fleshed, vinegary goodness.

Don’t even bother to peel.

Update: A friend asked me to share the recipe, so here it is (roughly).

Dubin Potato Salad

6 to 8 medium-sized red (or Yukon) potatoes

1/4 to 1/2 cup light mayonnaise or miracle whip

1/4 cup (or more if you like the bite) cider vinegar

1 bunch of green onions

1 teaspoon celery seeds

1/2 to 1 teaspoon salt (less if you salt the potato water)

about 1 teaspoon black pepper

2 tablespoons prepared dijon mustard

After thoroughly washing off potatoes, ruthlessly gouging out eyes and fiendishly halving and quartering the big ones, cover the little darlings with water in a large pot and bring to a boil. Then for heaven’s sake turn the heat down, because you don’t want water and foam all over your stove, and simmer until soft (about 20 minutes) or when all the steam has given you a complete facial in the kitchen. Drain and dump taters into a large bowl. Sprinkle cider vinegar while hot (the tubers, not you) and allow to soak in until potatoes are cool. (Do not leave for too long or you will come back to rubberized chunks of putty.) Add onions, celery seeds, salt, pepper, mustard and finally, mayonnaise to taste. Chill several hours. Overnight is even better. Serves about 6 normal people or 2 very hungry Dubins.

Happy summer! Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: The Summertime Food

  1. I love potato salad with unpeeled red potatoes, too 🙂 Haven’t made any yet this summer, but it won’t be long now!

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Hi Meg! Yes, it just isn’t summer without potato salad. I bet yours is good, too! Hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather. I can’t wait for your new ebook to come out at Minimalist Woman.

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