Photo Friday: Dirt Bag

Potential salad was sown on Monday and popping up already on Friday. Not bad.

This is mine. You can have one, too. Just go here. They come in all shapes and sizes. Different colors, no less. (I chose poppy.) In my ever-humbling quest to garden in the suburbs full of friendly deer, funneling moles and frisky munks, I find myself turning more to the container option. Plus the fact that I’m just too lazy to saunter farther than my backdoor for that snip of parsley or a quick handful of arugula.

Don’t know how minimalist this arrangement is, but it does appeal to the nomadic gardener who can raise a crop, recycle the soil into compost, fold up the bag and move on. According to the literature, grow bags are healthier than plastic pots because the felt-like fiber breathes and air trims the plants’ roots. I’ll let you know how it all works out.

As you can see below, mine is not quite as square as the ones in the pretty catalog pictures, but I was never one to conform, anyway. Since setting up my experiment, the critters seem to be taking the dirt bag in stride. I saw a chipmunk sitting in it like a bathtub this morning. And, although it does look like a potential litter box, my cat has left it alone.

He’s too busy using the mulch in my flower bed.

Reminds me of buttocks and mooning, I’m afraid. Party on the patio!

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Dirt Bag

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Thanks, Tanja. We’ve been hit with storm after storm in the last few days, and the dirt bag/booty-mooning litter box is hanging in there through torrential downpours. At least the lettuce is still growing! (And my cat stays inside because of the rain.) Hope you have a great week. Anxious to see more of your tiny home in the weeks to come at Minimalist Packrat!

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