Photo Friday: Traveling Light

I’ve just returned from a week-long meditation retreat. In front of the center where we stayed, a small pond was surrounded by butterfly bush.

The stunning blossoms attracted more than just butterflies. Meditators couldn’t keep away from the fluttering paradise.

Daily, we gathered around the pool, transfixed by croaking frogs and tinkling waterfall, the flexing of lily flowers and ripples across calm waters. But most of all, the delicate wings of nature’s angels lured us into golden afternoon sunbeams.

Their mating spirals and ministrations to the nectar of life made the depth of meditation that much sweeter. The community and conversation I found that week will remain with me always. The light of peace carried forever.

As a practicing minimalist, I arrived with very little.

I left with so much more.

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Traveling Light

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Thank you, Meg. It’s been years since I’ve been on a retreat and I was way overdue.

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