Eleven and Beyond

11-11-11. Okay, I know. I’m jumping on the bandwagon, which is unusual for me. (Normally I’m trailing after another kind of wheeled cart involving beer.) However, I do believe that this is a momentous occasion for a variety of reasons, some not even woo-woo related.

For one thing, the combination above looks kinda cool. Ever catch the clock at 11:11? Better yet, did your heart skip a beat when the old-school digital timepieces (or car odometers for that matter) flipped their little flaps into single sticks? Then you know what I mean.

And then there’s the whole numerology romance with eleven as a master number symbolizing intuition and vision. The New Age websites are full of words like “vibration” and “rebirth.” Groups everywhere will be gathering for prayers, blessings, alignments and meditation. (There’s a global moment of silence at 11:11 a.m. going on.) After the horrendous news stories of the past few weeks, I’d settle for a little peace and quiet.

Which brings me to the habit in numerology of breaking numbers down by adding them together, like 11 as 1+1= 2. Twos invite companionship, unions and couples. Hence, the rash of weddings that will take place today. No doubt the bridal industry is grateful.

Along the lines of history, this numerological phenomenon coincides with Armistice, Remembrance and Veterans Day, not to mention the International Day of Peace. Merely coincidence? Perhaps not. If nothing else, this lucky number (at least in Blackjack) may cause buzzing humanity to pause in its building of worlds to note the passing of time and the power (creative or destructive) of our potential.

This is, after all, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. We think.

Besides, I want to savor this moment before tackling the whole 12-12-12 debacle. Where are those Mayan mathematicians when you need ’em?