Lack Friday and Cynical Monday

Yes, that’s right. I’m over here making up my own shopping holidays. Or should I call it a very “unconsumerist” season. What the ho, ho, ho?

It all starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving, when my small family celebrates the over-abundance and gluttony of the previous day by doing nothing. No crack-of-dawn pilgrimage, no angry crowds, no hyper-discounts, no consumer coma.

Instead, there’s a rather lengthy occupation of pajamas, leisurely pots of (looseleaf) tea, the traditional family walk, a picking over of ample leftovers, and much TV watching of collegiate pigskin between blatant appeals to spend money. (We have no DVR to avoid the snake oil.)

Friday was also a beautiful day weather-wise this year, a fact I noted by giving my ancient, but faithful point-and-shoot an afternoon workout. There was even plenty of time to put up what is left of our old outdoor lights for one more year of LED joy.

Saturday and Sunday went pretty much the same way. Making do, patching up what we already own, decorating with less and less, enjoying all the leisure time we have on hand instead of wrestling with lawn ornaments and long lines at the registers.

Monday has dawned raw and wet, reflecting the spirits of grumpy consumers everywhere, no doubt hungover from the excessive mall grog and department store ails. Never fear, the internet is ready and waiting to pick up anything missed on Friday, the perfect remedy for buyer’s remorse.

Lest you think I’m some minimalist saint espousing the virtues of a shop-less life bereft of price-tagged temptations, I can honestly say that I am not. I am simply lazy and tired.

And relieved that I have finally found the grace of contentment. Time spent with my nearest and dearest is far more precious to me than stalking the latest electronics.

I am not without holiday spirit, however. I can still stream my (semi-free) internet music stations while I collect more elvish castoffs for Goodwill.

Ho, ho, ho, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Lack Friday and Cynical Monday

  1. You have the right idea about these shopping days. Your Lack Friday sounds wonderful! I’m much the same way, except I can no longer imagine life without my DVR. I rarely see a commercial, but then again I’m always the last to know when a movie is coming out.

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Glad you had a good Friday, too, Adriene. My family may have to look into a DVR if we continue to watch TV. The amount of commercials now is overwhelming! Have a good week.

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