Winter’s Love

The light is pale and thin this season. Whenever I catch a ray, I settle in like a cat with a nap. There is precious little of the sun, and I want to take full advantage.

Every winter has a personality, I believe. Last year’s was hostile and biting, keeping us prisoners with icy indifference, coldly holding us hostage to its frigid whims.

This year’s cousin is an antidote, a poor relation to the last one’s power. It is soggy and mild, and oh so drab. The clothes it wears are always monochromatic. It can creep up on us without a threat, and cover us with the dull ache of sameness before we know it.

I find myself almost missing the former’s ferocious dedication. Like a demanding lover, it made me feel alive.

5 thoughts on “Winter’s Love

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Mike, it took me over 130 words to convey what you said so well in 26. Hat’s off to you. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Is the weather in Maine showing up as Old Man Winter?

  1. Lovely! I know we’ve gotten a break this year, with only one serious snowfall just last week, and that’s already melted. And today was sunny, so we took a one-mile walk and I came home cursing b/c the wind chill was ridiculous and gave me a headache. Hmpf. Thanks for putting it into nice words, which I can borrow for polite company ;D

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Don’t worry, Meg. There’s plenty of muttering under my breath. It has been sunny today down here as well, but that wind chill was a killer and there’s still a little icing of snow in the shadows. But after a long week of ugly grey, I dropped everything to welcome the sun. Here’s to more sunny times!

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