Smells Like Grape

Burdened down with grownup folly, I round the corner of adulthood and it hits me:

Those bright memories of eternal elixir encased in tiny bottles of wax, and tubes of frozen joy squeezed into a sticky summer evening.

Rising up before me, stacks of thirst-seeking missiles wait inside the cold cocoons of my grandfather’s soda pop machine.

Once more, I would happily follow that grinning pitcher of Kool into the fires of dental decay for a taste of way too much white sugar.

And then my whiff is done, taunted by the snap of bubblegum I was never allowed to chew. Bereft, I want to go home and watch cartoons.

Visited by the ghost of a thousand childhoods.


4 thoughts on “Smells Like Grape

  1. Oh yes, the sugary memories: soda pop, popsicles, ice cream bars, all the candy in various imaginative forms, and of course bubble gum. An actual candy shop has opened up just two blocks from here, and it has Bonomo Turkish Taffy. In the flat bars. In all the flavors. I wish I hadn’t found out, the torture of temptation is so great!!!

    1. suburbansatsangs

      Hi Meg! Shops seem to be bringing back all the old favorites for the boomers — now that we have fewer teeth and many dietary restrictions. Oh well, we can still dream about them!

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