Knitting for Chakras

Needed a little bling for the crown.

You all know I look for signs in the ordinary. Nothing escapes my new age scrutiny, including the fiber arts. Recently I’ve begun to pay attention to which of my yarn-y projects are chosen and the corresponding body parts involved.

Knitting a hat? To me, it’s clearly a cry in the modern wilderness for closer spiritual connection rather than just a case of cold ears. And the cowl I labored on over the holidays when I lost my voice to illness helped sing my song when croaking wouldn’t do. A cozy shawl cast on during the autumn months wrapped comfort around my grieving heart as summer life waned in those shortening days. Even the eternal sock I can’t seem to finish for nearly two years keeps me coming back for grounding in a crazy, wigged-out world.

The physical points covered by this needlecraft, while indicating the variety of my somewhat cold-blooded nature, are also homes to energy centers called chakras. In Hinduism there are seven blockbuster locations on the body and about 88,000 focal points overall. They come with unique colors and ethereal elements associated with the type of energy represented, and these spiraling vortexes are major players in holistic healing and yogic practices.

In case you’re interested in this sort of woo-woo wisdom, here’s a list of the big seven:

1. Root Chakra — Red. Base of spine. Survival and physical needs.

2. Sacral Chakra — Orange. Below the naval. Emotions, sex and creativity.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra — Yellow. Stomach and abs. Personal power.

4. Heart Chakra — Green or Pink. Chest area. Unconditional love and compassion.

5. Throat Chakra — Sky Blue. Throat and ears. Communication and self-expression.

6. Third Eye Chakra — Indigo Blue. Between the eyebrows. Second sight and intuition.

7. Crown Chakra — Violet. Above the head. Spirituality and connection to a higher power.

I suppose a knitted brow band would take care of my third eye and a long sweater/tunic should cover the solar plexus and sacral chakras, but I’m a little stumped on the root chakra. At this time, it is well beyond my knitterly skills.

Hot pants in a bright crimson worsted, perhaps?


2 thoughts on “Knitting for Chakras

    1. I’m chuckling over here Meg. You have the perfect solution but judging by how long it’s taken me to knit one sock, I’d be knitting for the rest of my life. Although maybe that’s the point. Stay warm up north in spite of the snow and ice this weekend.

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