No Foolin’


My poetic indiscretions
collapsed when I
rolled off collegiate hill
bending will to the wishes
of practical prose
while buddies washed away
on tides of free range verse
or chained their selves
aboard villanelles and sestinas.

Miles of polite paragraphs
later I’m teetering on edge
of lines out of the blue time
to steady story logic, only
there’s mystical mutterings
on the rise words
about to shake loose
if I can just kick
open that prosaic

NaPoWriMo #1

As part of my “creative” year I’m jumping way out of the box and accepting NaPoWriMo’s challenge of writing a poem a day for the month of April. I’ve cracked the door to this box often while composing prose for years. Let’s see if I can go all the way!

Plus I’ll try to include something good to look at, as well, for those of you who aren’t into verse. Or maybe just limericks.


7 thoughts on “No Foolin’

  1. glad you left the prose for a bit and revisited your love, the poetry. best to you and look forward to reading more – thanks for reading and following my words as well – beth

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