Walk Don’t Run

A long time coming, that weekend with nothing scheduled, very little planned. The last few months have been a mad dash to the late Sunday night blues, hours of events and home chores and rushed meals streaming by as we try to slow the tide or catch a wave. By the time we watch the dregs of weekend news highlights, there is nothing left of us except enough to roll over into Monday morning drudgery.

This second weekend of June, though, might be different. We might wake up and decide to do something else. Or not. We could make a pot of tea, with the special loose stuff. If it’s cool enough. He should caulk the leaks after a leisurely chat with the handy guys at our hardware store. I should weed those flower beds instead of surf the web.

But then again, we may just ice our tea on the patio and wait for toad to show herself in early evening shadows.

*To be read while hearing the Ventures in your head.


4 thoughts on “Walk Don’t Run

  1. This is beautiful! It is so about life, and it waves the warning flags. Drudgery, dregs, mad dashes. Oh, indeed. But when there is time for “the special loose stuff,” we get to feel our own breath, and that’s exactly the feeling I had from your so-careful words. Thank you — I needed that!


  2. I connected with this piece very much. Sunday night blues and Monday morning drudgery. Doing something productive instead of surfing the web. Doing something different just because you can. I want to have one of those mornings, too. I’ll go put on the hot water now.

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