The August Break Begins

Day One:  Mr. Bean

Still here, still slack-jawed over the most gorgeous summer weather in recent memory (perhaps a reward for surviving last year’s hellish fireball), I’m committing to another one of those daily challenges. First, a month of poems in April, now a month of photos worth a thousand, or in my lazy case, a dozen puzzling words. And maybe an enigmatic caption or two.

Joining Susannah Conway’s August Break 2013. Come, step outside with me and breathe deeply.

9 thoughts on “The August Break Begins

  1. A whole month of your photos and poetic distillations? I can’t wait! (And I need the inspiration.)

    I wonder if your particular visual and literary hybrid could be a new genre: phoetry.

    Regards to Mr. Bean.

  2. Great vivid shot of a smiling bean…the orange in the back focus really makes your picture stand out.
    Our vegetable garden is as a happy as the bees this summer too!

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