The Chopped Wood Blogiversary


Five years ago this week, emboldened by some success on BlogHer, I hit the publish button to a maiden post on my first blog. I had a vague idea about what my subject matter would be, and of course, posting actual photos for each entry wouldn’t occur to me for another six months or more, but I gradually learned my widgets and minded my stats.

Since then, I have not looked back, but you can in the archives to the right. Considering the variety of categories listed over there, Suburban Satsangs has covered some eclectic ground over the years, and helped me to reconcile the many hats I’ve worn as wife, mother, empty-nester, librarian, gardener, cook, minimalist, photographer, poet, knitter and squirrel wrangler.

And what about those lofty notions from the muddled muse, temperamental truth seeker and lazy New Ager? Well, that my friends will always be a work in progress. With the stars as my guide and nature for my teacher, I’ll never run out of lessons. Or busywork for that matter–you know, the daily act of getting out of bed to fetch water, chop wood.

Ah, but the path to enlightenment is never smooth, particularly when trying to post during a Mercury Retrograde (yes, we’re having another one right now). Still, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The gratifying part about exposing your foibles to the world in a blog, comes from great folks you meet in the comments and WordPress readers. I am very honored that all of you who stop by, choose to spend precious time reading my wordy whimsies. Thank you so much.

In a few weeks, I hope to show my gratitude by offering to faithful readers a collection of the most popular posts from Suburban Satsangs (preferably after Mercury is on its merry way forward again). Stay tuned, my friends and keep an eye peeled.

The best is yet to come.

2 thoughts on “The Chopped Wood Blogiversary

  1. Happy blogiversary! You bet I am staying tuned! I loved this encapsulated history of your blog, not just for itself but for the encouragement it offers me and likely many others. I hope Mercury will hurry on its way, the squirrels will mend their ways, and the water-fetching won’t take too much time so you can tend to this anthology. It will be so good!

    I love the photo. The indistinct borders import a bit of poetry. As I’ve said before, the poet in you WILL be heard!

    1. I am so happy that you have taken the plunge into the blogging world, Maureen. And doing a great job too, I might add. Gary told me that I have to follow through, now that I’ve committed! Oh boy.

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