Ending Winter

Now That's a Proper Primrose

By weather’s cruel blow we’re watching for tornadoes in the snow, while a brief warm-up causes our roofs to weep in gratitude. The gutters are full and drains can’t take much more, even as our sump pump works overtime. But next week unrelenting cold is stepping back into the ring because Winter won’t give up without a fight.

I am so sick of the artful, monochromatic snow bouts. They are beautiful, but frigid. Instead, I place my bets on the new talent in the floral department, nose following that vernal potential like a bloodhound. So far, I’ve tracked down a primrose, but there may be more to bloom if bad weather keeps it up.

You see, I cheer on the flowered reflections inside my window, not quite here yet, but promised when Spring finally puts a stop to this match once and for all.


6 thoughts on “Ending Winter

  1. I heard myself gasp when I saw the yellow! What a shock — and a most welcome one, especially after last night’s wretched storms! And I loved the image of their image: the reflection in the window is such a subtle description of indoor gardening.

    “Roofs weeping in gratitude” is wonderful. Indeed it is so.

    Thanks for the spirit-lifter. And thanks for the post!

    1. I was inspired by the lovely yellow in your house, Maureen, and the sweater you were wearing the other day. I think you have the right idea! Craving more sunshine these days. Glad this lifted some spirits.

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