The Goodbye Girl

Curtain Call

Since my office/bedroom window faces west above the driveway, if I’m lucky there’s a gorgeous sunset to spotlight the exits of important people in my life, as they drive off to perform other enterprising roles.

I, on the other hand, remain offstage in shadowy self-employed uncertainty, waiting for all that is churning inside of me to appear on the written page.

Meanwhile, those snowy prima donna piles have disappeared, a budding chorus is ready to burst its buttons, and soon novice tips of palest green should timidly reach out to test a line that is just passing through.

Despite changes in scenery, no doubt I will stay at my post as chief cook and window waver, listening for a cue.

6 thoughts on “The Goodbye Girl

  1. How poignant. What a tribute to the transient and the constant, and what a volume of meaning in a few words. As always, poetry in your prose.

    p.s. Hoorah for the frills on the daffodil! Gorgeous!

    1. Hi Maureen! This year’s daffodills aren’t this far along yet. Just wishful thinking on my part. Although I do have two rather small crocus that have struggled through the cold winter. Good to see them, and you, here.

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