10 Signs That Winter Is Over

Heady Hellebore
  1. You remember that your street has curbs.
  2. Ice melt is back in stock, as well as toilet paper, milk and bread.
  3. You regret that you put away the lawnmower without winterizing it.
  4. The power outage app is not perpetually open on your phone anymore.
  5. You start stripping off layers like a nightclub act.
  6. Seed catalogs are no longer a cruel joke.
  7. You can’t sleep in the morning with all the bird procreation outside.
  8. Everyone stops driving in the middle of the road.
  9. Your short male dog no longer has to be dragged outside to pee.
  10. You finally find your snow shovel.

8 thoughts on “10 Signs That Winter Is Over

    1. Thanks so much, Library Lady! Glad you liked my attempt to hurry spring along with a little encouragement. So far, it hasn’t helped a great deal here in the midwest. Love your blog, and your public library posts are right on the mark, having worked at one for the past eight years myself.

  1. Shirah

    Oh yes! Bird song, although my cardinal is still throwing himself at my window.
    Seeds! Curbs!
    And I miraculously have all kinds of bulbs coming up in the ruin that’s my front garden.
    How many hours until April?

    1. Good grief, is that cardinal still at it? He’s persistant, I’ll give him that. How many hours? Still too many as far as I’m concerned. Hurray for spring bulbs and hardy magnolias. They keep us going.

  2. Your daffodil banner is truly wonderful and has given me hope! I love your list; even though spring hasn’t actually arrived here in the east we do have some of the same signs. I’m starting my garden seeds tomorrow. Even though I know it’s probably too early, I really need to see some of those little green shoots.

    1. Yay, seed starting is such a good sign! Optimism at its best. I wish you luck with your garden this year, Bonny, and look forward to your posts from the field. I’m hoping that this will be a beautiful spring when it does arrive.

  3. Thank you for starting my day with a laugh — and with yet another lovely photograph. What delicate pink, and how I long to see more of it. This topping-off of March with so much darkness is too cruel. No nightclub act here, though: I’m still encased in layers and shivering. I think I’ll return to your post from time to time to look at that pink and warm up.

    1. There were some beautiful Hellebores in the botanical garden we visited in Tennessee last weekend. Not much else was up, even that far south but yes, the pink really caught my eye. Can’t get enough of color in the brown landscape!

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