At the start


there was cooling coffee
with plain (not flavored)
cream in chipped
mugs leaving rings
on white (not yellow)
legal lines to level
words inked in flowing
black (not blue)
pens inside rubber
(not plastic) grips
of resolve to finish
all 30 days (no less)
toward a poetic end.

NaPoWriMo #1

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again. This will be my second marathon in the sometimes grueling (but always fulfilling) obstacle course called NaPoWriMo. And since I’ve been told that my prose constantly teeters on the edge of poetic abyss, why not go ahead and fling myself into full-fledged verse, stanza and line for the month that celebrates this noble (and often humbling) art form where we paint precisely with our words. Won’t you join me?


8 thoughts on “At the start

  1. I love it, and am so glad you’re doing this again! I enjoyed your daily poetry so much last year!
    And I thank you for the invitation to join you, but no way could I come up with a poem a day. Maybe one a week? One for the month?

    It seems fitting that Poetry Month begins with some rare and hard-earned sunshine (not gloom). Thanks for adding this flourish to the day!

    1. One a week or month would be great, Maureen! I could see you doing that. I, too, am very glad for the lovely beginning of the month. Hang on to your hat, though, for the rest of the week.

  2. I’m so glad you’re doing this again! I had forgotten about Poetry Month and now I feel like I’ve gotten a lovely surprise gift. What a wonderful start with your handwriting, pen, doodles, and the perfect beginning poem.

    1. Hi Bonny! Thanks so much for your encouragement. After the first year, it seems a little more formidable now that I know what I’ve gotten myself into, but the support of friends here on the blog makes all the difference. You’ve helped more than you know!

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