Tail of a Yarn

heel of a yarn

I have been
knitting this
darn sock
since my only
daughter went
off to college,
since she came
back, since the
cat lost interest,
since my husband
gave up hope,
since the knitting
group forgot my
name, since the
paper with the
pattern disinte-
grated, since the
other ball of yarn
for the other
darn sock
went missing,

all before I’ve
even started
the toe.

NaPoWriMo #9

*Special thanks to my daughter for suggesting the word “darn” in place of another “d” word I used for my sock. 

I’m writing a poem every day in April as part of NaPoWriMo’s celebration of National Poetry Month. Won’t you join me in poetry?


15 thoughts on “Tail of a Yarn

  1. Shirah

    This is wonderful. It reminds me of the family mending pile. Some of my children grew out of the clothes before I managed to get to them.

      1. Very interesting. The article made me evaluate why I keep on with the sock, and I have to say that I do like the process of knitting, and shaping the yarn to fit a foot (sort of). I finish other projects in good time, so maybe I need to let go of the guilt. Plenty of food for thought, Geo Sans.

  2. Hilarious! It so speaks to real life! Taken with Shirah’s mending pile and Geo Sans’ “failure to quit,” we have an apt description of the writing life.

    And, yes, kudos to the daughter for “darn sock” — I groaned, but in total appreciation.

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