From Chair To Eternity


Eternity is a piece of furniture for one person

to sit on, with a back, legs, and sometimes

two arms. Eternity is the person in charge

of a meeting, presides over all proceedings

and occupies the seat of office. Eternity can

be an iron cradle bolted to a sleeper on the

railway, or held aloft after a great triumph. And in

the end, an electric eternity will execute its penalty.

NaPoWriMo #12

*This is a “replacement” poem in response to the Day 12 prompt on the National Poetry Month website, which charged us to “pick a common noun for a physical thing, for example, ‘desk’ or ‘hat’ or ‘bear,’ and then pick one for something intangible, like ‘love’ or ‘memories’ or ‘aspiration.’ Then Google your tangible noun, and find some sentences using it. Now, replace that tangible noun in those sentences with your intangible noun, and use those sentences to create (or inspire) a poem.”

I replaced “chair” with “eternity.” Does it work?

I’m writing a poem every day in April as part of NaPoWriMo’s celebration of National Poetry Month. Won’t you join me in poetry?

4 thoughts on “From Chair To Eternity

  1. It was like reading two different works, one before I read the explanation, one after. It’s amazing how many implications arose the first time I read it, and then how the implications sort of swirled off to the side when I read it as a replacement poem. It works because you’ve connected the concrete to the interminable, and, of course, the ending is the sealer.

    You will not be surprised to know that I groaned when I read the title. And what a photo! — this is the secret room in your home?

    1. The photo is from an antique shop in Knoxville that imported all its merchandise from France. Why, I have no idea. So those are French chairs. In eternity. It was hard not to fiddle with the definitions so they’d fit the intangible word’s meaning. It was a fun exercise, though. Thanks, Maureen!

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