Gardener’s Lament

Somewhere between my water spigot and a
neighbor’s neglected fence, I have lost the war.
From all sides, weedy minions encroach on my best
intentions, they’ve infiltrated the deeply dug beds
of my dreams and smothered seeds that failed to
germinate my hope for a better eden. Day after endless
day, I beat back the crabby masses, insulting insects
and gluttonous gophers, haul water to parched leaves
curling out in the field, and nurse the injured nibbled by
deer and stepped on by meter readers. With the help of a
full seed moon, I long to stand vigil against raccoon thievery
and possum vandalism, but reluctantly I must retire until the
bird’s insistent reveille when I will rise to fight once again
despite my stooped back, cracked cuticles and poison ivy.

NaPoWriMo #14

I’m writing a poem every day in April as part of NaPoWriMo’s celebration of National Poetry Month. Won’t you join me in poetry?

4 thoughts on “Gardener’s Lament

  1. You captured the warfare! “Weedy minions” indeed. What a nicely compacted litany of battles — I think you hit them all. I understand the desire to stay up all night just to head off the night-time thieves and vandals; we gardeners do take these encroachments personally.

    I particularly liked “crabby masses.” I know something about those. And those bell-like yellow flowers! Beautiful. Forsythia?

    1. Hi Maureen! Yes, forsythia. Not very full this year, but saved from the towering butterfly bushes that I recently sawed down. I
      know there are many more battles going on out there, but I tried to cover the major bases.

  2. Karuni

    just logged in to tell you I am following you! Sounds like stalking, but what it means, as it turns out, is that I get your daily poem in my email. They are all good. I’ve fought a losing battle for years as the weeds are young,,and i’m not! Still i go forth…I have learned to take on ONE thing…don;t look at the big picture too closely or risk despair! Then, if energy holds, pick another task.

    1. I am very honored that you are following me, Karuni, and grateful for your support. Your comment about focusing on one thing at a time is wise advice. Looking at the big picture does seem overwhelming at times, and I so rarely sit and enjoy my garden as it is without wanting to engage in battle. Thank you for sharing!

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