Fly Away Home

Flight of the Lady Bug

Suddenly, there are orange lady
bugs everywhere, sprawled low over
the dank floor, kicking against some
dusty window well, lined up close like
BBs along the cold metal seam of a
sash, once even waving her wafer
wings from the bristles of my damp
toothbrush. A mere whisper of warm
weather has drawn them out like
the siren’s song to sailors, and they
sputter into finely doomed webs
of curtain lace, become tangled
up in a cord’s false anchorage, lie
pinned beneath a blind’s bottom
line, all the time smelling a summer
sun’s fire, searching for their children,
thinking they are almost home.

NaPoWriMo #16

I’m writing a poem every day in April as part of NaPoWriMo’s celebration of National Poetry Month. Won’t you join me in poetry?



6 thoughts on “Fly Away Home

  1. What an intriguing mixture of alliteration, image, and tenderness. Wrapping it up as you do, with the allusion to that melancholy childhood rhyme, makes the whole of it very touching.

    The photo made me think I was looking at a barn through whirring ladybug wings. I don’t know how you achieved that focus for the middle of the photo when all else is in flight. Amazing.

    1. I had fun finding poetic ways to describe bugs, quite a challenge. The history of that old English rhyme is interesting and quite different from the version we use today. The photo was a “mistake” shot from a moving car that seemed to work, so I kept it for just such an occasion.

  2. I agree; that’s an amazing photo. I also love your word choices. “Lined up close like BBs along the cold metal seam” and ” wafer wings” are so evocative.

    1. Thanks, Bonny! I wrote the poem first, and then thought of that particular photo I took as a passanger in a jiggly car with bushes flying past. I meant to take the sunset and I ended up with both.

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