Snow on the Mountain

setting sun on candytuft

Give me this kind

of drift any day while

the frosty magnolia

sheds its blooms, when

pear petals precipitate

upon grounded shooting

stars, and loose dust from

dandelions covers sweet

woodruff whispering at

a birch’s foot, the peels

of bark pages telling

our triumphant tales

about surmounting

winter’s summits.

NaPoWriMo #28

I’m writing a poem every day in April as part of NaPoWriMo’s celebration of National Poetry Month. Won’t you join me in poetry?

4 thoughts on “Snow on the Mountain

  1. Brilliant. My favorite part is “frosty magnolia” — that’s awesome. But the whole of it, the imposing of winter words on spring image, is like a very subtle weave. A lovely expression of relief and survival.

    Of course the fiery sun is the perfect balance in the photo. Very artful.

    1. Thanks Maureen. This came to mind as the bradford pear in my yard was “snowing” and although the photo shows candytuft, I couldn’t resist the other name for bishop’s weed or goutweed for the title.

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