Dappled Life


I couldn’t let May of 2014 pass by without a hello. The Year of Movement continues in earnest. No fooling this time. Our house is up for sale, new digs secured, possessions jettisoned daily. The burden is lessened hour by hour, and a feeling of lightness is creeping in all the empty corners, filled only by sun and hope. More will be revealed when the chapter is done, and this particular tale concludes. We are in the middle of a plot at present and there could be twists and turns at any moment. There have been a few surprises already.

And for those of you on the fence about taking the leap, daring to risk: do it.

I’ll see you in June. Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits.


6 thoughts on “Dappled Life

  1. Let’s hear it for lightness of spirit! So good to get the update and see the dapples.

    Indeed, moving is its own novel, and I look forward to another chapter some day. Thanks for the dare; I need it. And rabbits to you too!

    1. Yes, Maureen, I’m slowly resurfacing. I don’t remember anything of the last couple of weeks except for a lovely lunch when all this madness began! It’s kept me going through the craziness.

  2. Shirah

    You’re back! That lovely image and the words of sunlight and hope are so welcome.
    And daring to take that leap? It’s all about one’s outlook.

  3. Wow! I’m glad your feelings are of burdens lessened and lightness increasing. Wishing you surprises, twists, and turns of the fun, adventurous kind!

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