Dog Days, August and Instagram


It’s the first dog day of August and I’m ready to take on the August Break challenge just like last year. A few things are different this time around, however. First of all, this is hardly a dog day–you know, one of those hot, dry and slow-crawling summertimes (when all you want to do is dip your feet into a sparkling meadow stream and let the minnows nibble your toes). No, we are still shedding our sweaters fresh from the coldest July on record in these parts, with a rain shower every other afternoon. Everything is still green, and well, cool! August threatens to be warmer, but still . . . .

The second difference is that since taking a daily photo and posting it here isn’t enough, I will be eating (or shall I say eliminating) my way through an autoimmune protocol diet to see what foods cause me problems. I already know that gluttonous gluten isn’t my friend, but there may be others (please may it not be eggs, coffee or chocolate). I picked August because we aren’t planning to travel, and I can avoid restaurants while I chew on my leafy greens and kale chips.

The third component is that earlier in the spring (as if moving house wasn’t enough, see a pattern here?) I decided to join Instagram and post one photo a day as an attempt to investigate a new social media. Okay, okay, I just wanted to be hip, I admit it. So, I’ll be posting photos there as well, at SuburbanSatsangs, where else?

And finally, while I gravitated toward an outdoor theme for all my photos in 2013’s August Break, this year I’ll attempt to stick with Susannah Conway’s list of topics. And today’s happens to be “lunch.” And yes, that odd pairing was united to be part of my mid-day dining liaison, as well as a bed of salad greens to rest them in. (Welcome back, sardines, my old friend. But you won’t be sharing a ride with any crusty pieces of baguette anymore.)

So, here’s my first photo, plus a glimpse of the rude awakening my foodie palate is in for. (I’m off to drink some more coconut milk without the cookies. Cheers!)

This month I’m taking a photo a day and following the topics of Susannah Conway’s August Break 2014. And why don’t you join me? I double-dog dare you!

9 thoughts on “Dog Days, August and Instagram

  1. Hullo, Tamara! This pic a day project sounds like just the thing for me, so I’m joining you. Might not stick to the list of topics, not sure yet, but I’ve been wanting to learn a new social media thingy, and this seems like a nice gentle one 🙂 Instagram still mystifies me, not quite sure where to enter the hashtags, etc., but evidently my DH knows all about it, so I will bend his ear at teatime.

    I’ve done the elimination diet and it does lead to odd combos. I remember making chicken breasts with cashew butter and served atop a bed of millet. One of the better ones, actually.

    1. Glad you’re joining in for the August Break, Meg. I look forward to seeing your photos on Instagram! And the chicken with cashew butter sounds great — I’ll keep that in mind for September when I can eat nuts again. I miss them already!

  2. Carol

    Just read your posts from the last couple of months….I always enjoy your writings! Sorry to hear about the autoimmune diet, but always worth it to regain your health. Sounds like you’ve tackled a LOT recently. Sending good wishes for clear sailing ahead!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Carol! I can’t say that it’s been dull in my world, that’s for sure! And I’m hoping to heal my gut issues so that I can reintroduce foods that I love. You’re right, it is worth it in the long run. Hope you’ve had an enjoyable summer, my friend.

  3. You don’t do things in tiny steps; you jump in all the way! I for one am glad of that because it means I get to look forward to a photo from you every day. I hope the autoimmune diet is helpful but not too painful. Just looking at the list of foods to avoid made me so sad I had to quit reading (and guiltily finish my tomato and mayo sandwich on grain bread).

    1. Aw, don’t feel guilty, Bonny. Your sandwich sounds wonderful! And no doubt that tomato is from your lovely garden. Although the list is rather grim, I’ll eat plenty of what I can and look forward to reintroducing my favorite foods and feeling a whole lot better I hope. Thanks for supporting the daily photos.

  4. Leave it to you to make something so grueling into an artistic endeavor! Instagram I know from nothing, but I’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for updates on your blog.

    There is something so melancholy about the thought of cookies without milk or milk without cookies. I am happily without milk, but I do remember how delectable were slurped cookies. Ah, the fine art of dunking!

    Thanks for making this a blog. You will help a lot of us, I’m sure.

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