Pattern of Life


When her grandfather passed away a couple of years ago, my daughter inherited this quilt that was found in one of his closets. No one was left to tell her what side of the family it came from, or when the quilt was made. I’m not even sure what the pattern is called. Dresden Plate? Checkerboard?

All we know is that it holds a place of honor in my daughter’s room, and shows off a most wonderful shade of blue, her favorite color.

This month I’m taking a photo a day and following the topics of Susannah Conway’s August Break 2014. And why don’t you join me? I double-dog dare you!


6 thoughts on “Pattern of Life


    Have fun! I’ll have to watch from the sidelines since I now have no camera, the tiny kodak gave up the ghost. xo Karuni

  2. I know the pattern as Dresden plate, but I’ve never seen it embellished so nicely with embroidery. That’s also my favorite shade of blue and a really lovely pattern photo!

    1. Thanks for confirming the Dresden Plate and your sharp eye, Bonny. Funny, I hadn’t really appreciated the embroidery until you mentioned it, but I haven’t seen any othter examples on Pinterest that use that either.

  3. There’s something about quilts, isn’t there? They are never not fascinating, and this one more than most. What a lovely image. The way it stretches to the horizon seems fitting because of its anonymous beginnings. A quilt in search of its story — ah, where have we heard that before?

    1. There were so many left at the end, too. We picked our favorites, but my husband’s family members were prolific quilters and took good care of them. There’s another mystery about where they all ended up. Thanks, Maureen.

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