In the Bag


Pictured are the contents of my striped summer purse. I have a winter one that houses slightly different circumstances. But if you were to open this purse, you would find another . . . purse. Now, I normally don’t fancy that particular shade of pepto pink, but I was wandering through Target one day, and smiled when I saw the pink pouch with a retro eyeglass pattern. I immediately flashed back to my punk phase in the 80’s sporting pink Keds, an asymmetrical bob, and a vintage mini dress. Thankfully, there are no existing photos.

Inside the pink purse, my wallet lies in hiding. It’s a plain men’s billfold, with the added bonus of a zippered coin pouch. I find that the pink pouch keeps this wallet from getting lost, and helps organize the overflow of loyalty cards, stray pens and rambling breath mints that tend to mill around evasively at the bottom of my big purse.

Then there’s my minimal key chain. Yes, folks, that’s all I’ve got. One car key, one house key, and a little orange Buddha that my husband brought home from a business trip to California years ago. So far, Buddha’s done a great job keeping track of my keys for me. Plus, he’s fun to look at.

And finally, you’ll notice my sunglasses, which are not shaped like any of the frames illustrated on the pink pouch. This is probably the most expensive pair of glasses I’ve ever owned, because of the Coach frames. Trust me, I did not get them for status, but because they were the only ones that fit me.

Okay, you’re next. What’s in YOUR bag?

This month I’m taking a photo a day and following the topics of Susannah Conway’s August Break 2014. And why don’t you join me? I double-dog dare you!


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