Black and white and read all over


Wide rule, 100 sheets, black cover with white speckles — it’s a Top Flight Composition Book, my humble journal that cost a buck back when I began in September of 2010. I was just about to leave my library job (for the first time), and had turned back to writing, my old friend.

After nearly four years, I have eight pages left to fill with my ramblings, ideas, phone numbers, doodles, excuses, and lists, always the lists of wishful thinking. I have brought it to writing classes, publishing workshops and creative sessions when I tutor young students. It has been stuffed in my travel bag never to be opened, and buried in tubs during our move.

I have written in one of these since I was 16. It is the closest I’ve come to my own bound book between its cardboard covers, and the wide-ruled lines give me plenty of space. This one will be full in a month, or a year, hard to say. Will I buy another one? Or will I move on to one of the more fashionable journals?

I confess I do have my eye on a hipster wide-ruled Moleskin with a hard purple cover. We shall see.

This month I’m taking a photo a day and following the topics of Susannah Conway’s August Break 2014. And why don’t you join me? I double-dog dare you!

6 thoughts on “Black and white and read all over

  1. Beautiful handwriting – there is nothing better than writing in a journal. I use about two Moleskines a year. I like their feel and quality, although the paper doesn’t work with fountain pens all that well.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ah, you write with a fountain pen! I used them years ago and they are wonderful. I appreciate your comment, Bill, and will certainly give serious thought to a Moleskin next time.

  2. I was going to encourage the use of the stalwart standby composition book, but I don’t think I could resist a wide-ruled Moleskine with a purple cover. Happy writing, whatever writing accoutrements you are using!

  3. Once again I am awed by your discipline. The only thing I’ve done nearly so consistently is THINK about writing — oh, I am good at that!

    As the symbol of how our writing always goes with us, from room to room or from city to city, this little book is perfect.

    1. I know you do more than think about writing, Maureen, but a symbol is useful, if only to remind us that we haven’t written in a few days. Mine is always nagging at me from the table. And I am far from disciplined but I appreciate your kind words.

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