Look where you’re going


With phone or camera at the ready, I’m always on the lookout for a perfect photo opportunity. This is the particular prompt demanded of visual bloggers, in whose company I am a card-carrying member. I’m also very nearsighted, and while managing pretty well with some rather thick glasses, a personal walking guide certainly comes in handy.

That would be my husband usually, whose neon blue shoes are perched perilously in warning by the hole that I’ve known about for nearly three months now, serving as a reminder that one of these days when the board has been removed, I’ll likely walk right off the sidewalk to my creative demise while snapping pictures of the elusive white-tailed squirrels that roam these parts.

Although you never know, there’s probably something that would make a good blog post down below.

This month I’m taking a photo a day and following the topics of Susannah Conway’s August Break 2014. And why don’t you join me? I double-dog dare you!


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