In the Mood


Remember? Beaded moccasins, suede fringe, burned leather bracelets with a snap, those elephant bell bottoms that covered your entire foot and reached to the floor or else they were considered high-waters. And to this day, I still feel a tad bit uncomfortable when I have to wear white socks.

Back in the 70’s, I wore a mood ring, as well as the snap bracelet and a peace-sign medallion on a leather cord (that I wish I’d kept). But even though my hand looked pretty cool with it on, the ring and evidently my mood were always dark because my hands were so cold.

Many, many years later, I find a new mood ring in my Christmas stocking, with a peace sign no less. And thanks to my alternating hot flashes and chills, I’m happy to report that the ring and I enjoy a revolving rainbow of moods.

It’s the only time I can truly appreciate menopause.

This month I’m taking a photo a day and following the topics of Susannah Conway’s August Break 2014. And why don’t you join me? I double-dog dare you!


6 thoughts on “In the Mood

  1. Is there science behind how mood rings work? I remember having one as a small child and takng it apart in order to find out how it worked, but I didn’t get anywhere in my investigations–and was unable to put the ring back together. It’s been decades since I last thought about mood rings, so thanks for bringing back a not-unpleasant memory of my childhood.

    1. From my internet searchings, a thin sheet or capsule of liquid crystal reacts to changes in temperature by changing color. Invented in 1975 evidently, which is around the time I owned my first ring, which was a real “stone” set in a base. I am still happy with my stocking stuffer version, however. I remember taking a watch apart to see how it worked and failed to put it back together, so I know what you mean, Kheleya.

  2. Oh, what I missed by having babies in the 70s! Though I do remember wearing — and loving — bell bottoms in the late 60s,

    I must say that you get good stuff in your Christmas stocking, and I do love the perspective that menopause brings out the ring’s color wheel.

  3. I’ve always thought stockings contain some of the best parts of Christmas for me, and your mood ring proves it! I need to get another one to replace my 70s one so I can enjoy my own revolving rainbow of moods. Thanks for pointing out the positivity in hot flashes!

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