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One of my post-move culling tasks still waiting in the wings are the photo boxes. Beginning with the 1980s courtship days right before my marriage, the photos run hot and heavy through wedding and honeymoon, birth of our daughter, birthdays, holidays, first day of school poses, puppy and kitten adoptions, family trips, and fuzzy shots of the many places we’ve lived, only to fizzle out in the mid-2000s when I became too lazy to print out shots from my new-fangled digital camera.

For years I carefully arranged them by date in photo albums so that our young daughter had constant access to all stages of her life, and the far-away relatives she seldom saw. It was a way for her to remember, as album pages became dog-eared and bindings fell apart. Eventually, they all ended up in two photo boxes, hundreds of memories lined up chronologically, waiting to be plucked out of time.

Instead, they remained forgotten in closets, and now under a table in my bedroom. My plan is to digitize from all the negatives I’ve stuffed in envelopes over the years. As for paper copies, the best will be saved, and countless duplicates, out of focus, or underexposed pictures will eventually go to the trash compactor, although it will take guts and possibly a good shot of spirit to send the proof of memory down the chute.

This month I’m taking a photo a day and following the topics of Susannah Conway’s August Break 2014. And why don’t you join me? I double-dog dare you!

4 thoughts on “Life in Pictures

  1. Photos in chronological order??? I bow to greatness. I am in the throes of just such culling so I can appreciate the value of such organization. Not that I have it; I just appreciate it.

    It’s slow going, though. They are never just photos, even the blurry ones; they are little bits of life. Yes, there are some that go “down the chute,” but never without their own memorial.

  2. I’m a fellow comrade in digitizing, but I have it a bit easier as I’m doing slides. My mil has finally consented to let 1300 family slides leave her house so I can digitize and return to her asap. I look forward to a week of smiles, laughs, and a few tears. I love (and wholeheartedly agree with!) Maureen’s comment that “they are never just photos…they are little bits of life.”

    1. Wow, 1300 slides! That should be quite a job, but so worthwhile. My husband had all the best of his family’s slides converted and placed on DVDs for the rest of his family. It’s nice to have easy access to them without setting up the screen and loading slides upside down in the carousel. Best of luck with an important project, Bonnie!

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