Sidewalk Art


The harsh lines by human hand often cut our natural world to the quick, an assault against her softness with metal and concrete. But leave it to nature to wash man’s Mondrian grids with her light brush in watercolor.

This month I’m taking a photo a day and following the topics of Susannah Conway’s August Break 2014. And why don’t you join me? I double-dog dare you!

4 thoughts on “Sidewalk Art

  1. Gorgeous photo with perfectly evocative words! I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about this scene if I had walked past it, but you always manage to show me some new way of looking at things; thank you!

    1. That’s so nice of you to say, Bonny! I try to remain aware, especially with a daily challenge looming. And it helps to have no particular place to be at the moment. I am truly grateful for any opportunity!

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