Love Potion


Almost every morning, my husband makes us a pot of tea. Real tea, with loose leaves, a mesh steeping basket, and water brought to boil then just briefly left to sit. He’s even been known to make me coffee, although he doesn’t drink it himself. He says he just likes the smell.

And I more than like him.

This is the final day of Susannah Conway’s August Break 2014. I want to thank and share the love with all those who liked and supported me this month, in particular commenters Maureen, Bonny, Karuni, Linda and Shirah. Everyone who stopped by kept me going with your camaraderie and encouragement. Plus, a big shout out to Meg of Meg Wolfe Writes, who accepted my double-dog dare, and not only joined Instagram, but also used Susannah’s visual suggestions as a starting point to blog about her own writing prompts while she works on a second novel in her mystery series. If you are a writer, I highly recommend that you check out Meg’s insights!

Take away for this second time around: I really enjoyed the interesting topics (thanks Susannah!) and the addition of Instagram this year to help me see everyone’s creative interpretations of the daily prompt. As for the diet challenge, going public kept me accountable so I only cheated twice, to celebrate a friend’s birthday with a little champagne, and a few sips of G & T while listening to some live music on a Friday night (hey, I’m not a saint and besides, no gluten was involved). I’ll write more about the autoimmune protocol results later, but I will say that blood pressure and TSH were greatly improved at my doctor’s visit this month. Yay! Hope everyone has a great weekend (and Labor Day in the US).

6 thoughts on “Love Potion

  1. Actions (especially the act of making real tea) speak louder than words!

    Many, many thanks for all your month-long wonderful words and photos. It’s a pleasure to look forward to your daily posts and even more of a pleasure to read them! Thanks also for the introduction to Meg; I’m not a writer but I know I going to spend lots of time reading her blog.

    1. So true, Bonny! How priceless are those simple acts of love, rather than a million thoughtless declarations. I’m very lucky that you take time out of your day to read along. And I think you’ll enjoy Meg’s writing. Hope you’re having a good holiday weekend.

  2. What Bonny said. I am sorry to see the end of this daily project (but not at all sorry to see the end of August). Great news at the doctor’s! Hard work/good results — the best! Congratulations!

    And a lovely thought to end with.

  3. It was great fun, I still have some unread posts. and for some dumb reason, for the entire first couple of weeks, I didn’t notice i must sign in (Palest gray print I’ve ever seen, or rather, not seen)
    I don;t know if the comments went out. So I will comment now, I enjoyed every single one, and wow have you become a good photographer with a great eye,,

    1. Thanks so much for following along, Karuni! The daily photo is certainly good practice, but I only show you the good ones on here. The duds are relegated to the computer’s recycle bin. Bless the photography gods for digital deletion!

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