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I could come up with a lot of excuses why I didn’t write much last year: surviving a polar vortex without power, the resulting major downsize and move, over 4000 miles of family-related travel, technology updating, complete lifestyle and dietary overhauls, not to mention my forays into choral singing, Instagram and meditative art projects. But I won’t go there. Okay, I just did, but it all added up to an open invitation, apparently, to forsake my pen, paper and laptop.

This is my fourth year of One Little Word, and I’ve learned by this time around that, like wishes, you have to be careful what word you choose. Case in point, my pick for last year sure turned out to be a doozy. And still going strong because I find the momentum unstoppable. In fact, just putting a single word down on the un-erasable paper of your psyche can have a profound impact. Saying it out loud is even better. And physically writing it out, well now, that can have the biggest punch of all.

Despite deceptively simple instructions, careful consideration must always be taken in making your choice. Forever looking for an easy way out, I’d hoped it would be a breeze to actually write my Word for 2015, because it is WRITE. But as you can see, I’ve taken half of January to get the guts to announce this here on the blog. And even longer to sit my derrière down and do the work. (Steven Pressfield is my writing guru at the moment.)

So, I’m starting the year with a fresh journal, a new blog template and much resistance. Plus knowledge that the simplest word can be the hardest.

Huh. Go figure.

And while you’re at it, go figure out what yours is. Trust me. Word.

8 thoughts on “The Latest Word

  1. I started doing a word for the year three or four years ago, and never cease to be weirded out by how effective it is. Last year, for instance, I chose EMERGE. I wanted to finally publish novels, to get comfortable in my own skin, and welcome my first grandchild into the world. All those things were accomplished, and then some.

    For 2015, my word is CLAIM–as in staking my claim in the world of mystery writers. This doesn’t necessarily mean financial success or best seller lists (although they’re not ruled out), but actually getting a place on lists, in libraries, etc. This of course means to continue to place butt in chair and write the third and fourth books. I have no idea what word I will choose for 2016. One year at a time, methinks!

    1. It is strange how perfectly the yearly word fits when you look back at the end of the year! Congratulations on all that emerged last year, and best of luck claiming the world of mystery writing. I have a feeling there’s lots of good things in store for you Meg!

  2. Maureen O'Hern

    You have no idea what impact this has had on me, and I thank you profusely. “One Little Word” is a brilliant idea. And, yes, I agree loudly that it must be chosen with care.

    Thank you, thank you!

    Maureen p.s. You’ve had many REAL reasons not to write! You’d have had to be some kind of mental octopus to cover all those bases and write too. 2014 was SOME year for you!

  3. Shirah

    I just found your and Maureen’s commentaries about writing and getting started. The idea of choosing just one word to mark the way forward into the new year is powerful and, well, intimidating. I think i have mine chosen if I can just manage to write it down and send it forward. And not procrastinate.

    1. Hi Shirah! Choosing a word can be powerful, but I hope not too intimidating. To me it’s more about focus, which seems to be my word for January. I find it helpful to see my yearly word throughout the months as a guiding hand rather than a burden. Hope you find it that way, too. Thanks for keeping in touch!

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