All in the Signs

The task of taking a daily photo challenges me to become more observant in everything I do, out of necessity. Although some of my last-minute posts on Instagram can attest to late-night desperation, for the most part these little snapshots of a day in the life can reveal deeper meaning, especially in the next morning’s leisurely light.

I took the above photo last Tuesday during my early morning walk in freezing fog. I happened to spy a cut in the ground, made by some sort of manmade object, I’m sure, since there were other divots similar to this one, only more complete circles. This particular one reminded me of a crescent moon. I didn’t realize until later that I made this discovery on the day of the new moon and beginning of 2015’s lunation cycles.

I gave a talk several weeks ago about practicing small moments of spirituality and mindfulness, even for a few minutes in your busy day. Noticing the world around us as we work, such as catching a glimpse of a bright red cardinal that reminds us of a loved one, finding the bend in a tree like the one where your grandfather hung your favorite rope swing, or enjoying the exotic colors of the tropics in a sunset on the long, cold commute home are all sacred examples that take us out of our ordinary mental routines, if only briefly.

These little spiritual glimpses can be messages to consciousness about challenges and decisions we’re facing, not only at our daily jobs, but along our life’s journeys. Everything from the encouraging phone call you receive while thinking about that same caller, to the chronic flare-ups of familiar old health conditions every time you’re stressed, can be taken as suggestive nudges and supportive promptings.

As for that little slice of serendipity in the photo up there, the first frosty new moon signals fresh starts and hopeful seeds germinating inside the creative darkness in preparation for manifestation at the full moon. Perhaps for me, this is a thumbs up to new writing projects, and just maybe, the Universe is signalling that she’s got my back.

Keep on the lookout for your signs.

10 thoughts on “All in the Signs

  1. What a great example of meeting the day that waits to meet us! Beautiful photo, and sure evidence of a watchful eye.

    I like thinking that the crescent is a deliberate seal of approval of your writing goals and a sign that the universe has got your back!

    1. I’ll take all the encouragement I can find, Maureen! And thanks so much for the word crescent. I was racking my brains yesterday for the right word to describe the sign in the grass, and you have nailed it. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it for the posts. Thanks so much!

      1. Thanks for the credit but I don’t deserve it. I got “crescent” right out of your post — where you said it reminded you of a crescent moon. You nailed it and forgot. Writer’s block takes many forms.

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