A Walk in the Dark


I take no
in puny pen
lights, clueless
car beams or
street lamps
too timid to
the way.

I use
my toes to
trace cracks,
fingers to
follow walls
until I see
that thin slit
of hopeful

April Love Photo Prompt: My morning view

It’s the first day of April, and faithful blog readers know what that means. Round 3 of NaPoWriMo’s daily poetry challenge almost didn’t happen this year, despite the purported charms of a third try. Don’t know about you, but I’m finding creative endeavors a bit overwhelming these days, so I’ve decided to combine a celebration of National Poetry Month with Susannah Conway’s April Love daily photo prompts on Instagram. Starting today, you will observe the same photo in my Instagram feed on the righthand sidebar that you see in my blog post along with an instapoem. We shall find out at the end of the month whether this was a brilliant career move, sheer laziness or a fool’s errand. 

Until then, care to join me in these creative waters where even fools fear to tread? The water’s fine.

10 thoughts on “A Walk in the Dark

  1. Laziness? Nope, not a chance. Fool’s errand? Doesn’t that apply to most writing? Career move? I will stay tuned. Meanwhile, the treat of the daily poem. This one is a beautiful beginning. The contrast between the two stanzas, between the artificial and the human, is achieved so quickly that it must be poetry. I love the fingers and toes — the universal in the specific for sure.

    And you’re off and running –!

    1. Thanks so much for your support, Maureen, and that marvelous poetic eye. I’m happy that you caught the machine vs. human conflict I was struggling over. It means the world to me.

  2. I’m thrilled to see your April poetry post return; it feels like I’ve been given a month-long gift! I can almost feel “fingers to follow walls” in my own fingers, and I love “hopeful horizon”.

    1. Hi Bonny! So good of you to stop by, my friend. I’m reading along on your blog, as always, even when I don’t comment as often as I’d like. The days are busier than when I was gainfully employed. I don’t know what happened!

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