DSCN3725 - Version 2

A glimpse of that face
and I fall defenseless
into your aromatic arms,
winter betrayal forgiven.

April Love Photo Prompt: Favorite Flowers

This year I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by combining  NaPoWriMo’s daily poetry challenge with Susannah Conway’s April Love daily photo prompts on Instagram. Each day of April, you will observe the same photo in my Instagram feed on the righthand sidebar that you see in my blog post along with an instapoem. We shall find out at the end of the month whether this was a brilliant career move, sheer laziness or a fool’s errand. 

Until then, care to join me in these creative waters where even fools fear to tread? The water’s fine.


4 thoughts on “Revival

  1. This took me completely by surprise! An “awwwwww” escaped me before I even realized I was saying it. And four lines befitting that commanding smallness. One look…so true.

  2. That photo personifies the “winter betrayal forgiven”. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed those little fuzzy bits in the center of pansies; thank you for pointing out details I’ve missed, both with photos and words.

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