The Yearling


(for Marjorie Rawlings)

At twelve

years old, I

came of age

in an unheated

attic on a cold

spring day, feeling

the swamp heat

up around a boy

and his fawn,

a familiar family

and a terrible


April Love Prompt: A Life-Changing Book

This year I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by combining  NaPoWriMo’s daily poetry challenge with Susannah Conway’s April Love daily photo prompts on Instagram. Each day of April, you will observe the same photo in my Instagram feed on the righthand sidebar that you see in my blog post along with an instapoem. We shall find out at the end of the month whether this was a brilliant career move, sheer laziness or a fool’s errand. 

Until then, care to join me in these creative waters where even fools fear to tread? The water’s fine.


4 thoughts on “The Yearling

  1. Truly a coming of age book that made me sob so intensely that I’ve never had the courage to read it again. I wonder if I’m brave enough to try it this year or if knowing that that terrible choice is coming will still make me shy away?

  2. I love the contrast between the attic chill and the swamp heat. I have never read “The Yearling,” but I understand that power of the written word to take us where we aren’t.

    You certainly have taken some incredible photos!

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