Heart Art

Day 15: Art

This is a painting I created during a retreat depicting kindness. The green hands represent earth and the heart chakra holding space for all of us, the universal One. (My daughter says it reminds her of Dr. Seuss and I accept that as the highest compliment.)

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again. I’m looking forward to my third go at participating in Susannah Conway’s August Break by posting prompts here on the blog and on my Instagram account. There are no rules, really. Simply take a photo every day for the month of August, based on the prompts or not. I take a photo a day all year long, but you can’t lose no matter how many days you keep this up. And the more, the merrier!

6 thoughts on “Heart Art

  1. What a wonderful image for my early morning! I laughed out loud at the art critic in the family but I agree with you about the honor bestowed. There is incredible energy in this painting. One thinks of kindness as a quiet, self-effacing thing, but not so in this image. This picture could easily lead to a thousand words. Thanks!

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