August Was . . .

Day 31: August Was . . .

As another August Break winds down, I look back over the three years of photos that were visual diaries of my daily life, and clues in how I responded to the various prompts and challenges that Susannah created for this particular project. Three years ago I was living in a different physical space, and last year I was learning to live in a different way. This year, I no longer see my world as defined by a particular house or yard, nor do I find myself separated by an individual identity as much. Instead, I am now part of the whole. I may forget this sense of belonging from time to time, but the photos here will always remind me that there is no beginning or end, really, only integration.

And so, I’d have to say that this special August was “transformational.”

Gratitude goes out to Susannah Conway and her marvelous prompts for August Break this year, as well as my “Instafriends” at Instagram. Many thanks to friends who connected here on the blog, including KristinaMike and Meg, with special honors awarded to Bonny and Maureen for commenting every day! You both kept me going on days when I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. And please check out Maureen’s own wonderful photographic response to my challenge with her August Countdown.

It’s been a pleasure, as always.

6 thoughts on “August Was . . .

  1. You photo is beautiful and exactly right. I look at it as I listen to the cicada sing its evensong.

    Transformations are never easy. I congratulate you. And thanks for the mention of my own countdown. I too thank Susannah for her idea, and you for passing it along! To September — !

  2. highlyreasonable

    A stunning photo and eloquent words! I looked forward to your prompts, photos, and thoughts every day, and will truly miss them in September. Your August Break started the beginning of a transformation for me; I’ve been thinking that I would like to participate next year, and now I have Maureen’s Countdown for further inspiration! Thank you for making my August more beautiful.

    1. I encourage you, Bonny, although you are already so good about posting regularly. And really, this could be done at any time. Susannah will offer another challenge in December, called December Reflections. I realize that’s a busy time with the holidays, but it’s still fun.

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