It’s been quiet here at Suburban Satsangs this month, but I’ve still participated in a daily photo prompt on Instagram. The final prompt is “legacy,” somehow appropriate as I finish out September in my parents’ house helping with my ailing father.

I didn’t grow up in this house and always feel like a guest despite the 25 years my parents have lived here. While primitively beautiful, I’ve never felt like this or any other place I’ve lived was truly home for me. I’m a bit of a wanderer, I guess. 

In the bedroom I sleep in I’m surrounded by artwork I made over 30 years ago. Sometimes I lie in bed and ponder what was created in another time, by another person.

And I often wonder where she went, while searching for what she left me.

6 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. You have no idea how pertinent your musings are. And the image so true to the musings — the signs of aging, the sense of sturdiness, the graceful lines against what looks like a kind of Quaker grey — instant reverie. And incredibly personal.

  2. toris_tales

    I am so grateful that you took part in the challenge, Tamara, and found this particular piece so moving – it stirred up my own childhood-memory thoughts, and I do so appreciate that. Thank you, greatly, for giving us your heart fro the month.

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