Full Disclosure

Day 8: 5 Things About Me
Day 8: 5 Things About Me

In the social media madness of carefully coiffed pictorial coverage, I’m as guilty as the next of curating my image. So in the spirit of complete disclosure, what are 5 things about me “really”?

1. I’m 55 and have absolutely no idea what the frigg I’m doing. Still.

2. I hate the way I look in photographs. (My elementary school pics could and have been used as blackmail.)

3. There are days when I don’t really take off my pajamas. (See photo for case in point.)

4. Caused partly by my reluctance to undress in front of my cat. (See number 3.)

5. Due to many years serving the public as teacher and librarian, I’m an extrovert who is rapidly becoming a grumpy, eccentric introvert in my old age. (Think human version of Grumpy Cat.)

There, it’s out and now I can go back to swilling directly out of a can in my bathrobe. (Photo taken prior to no-beer AIP diet.)

I’ve decided to participate in Susannah Conway’s December Reflections  photo prompts again this year. During this hectic and stressful season, won’t you join me in mindful reflection from life’s photographic window seats and contemplative comments that provide refuge from the madness.

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