Salmon With A Side of Tornado

Day 23: Delicious

Nothing like baked salmon with a side of tornado drills at the inn where we’re staying. Strangest Christmas ever. At least we enjoyed the lightening show over the river while we dined.

I’ve decided to participate in Susannah Conway’s December Reflections  photo prompts again this year. During this hectic and stressful season, won’t you join me in mindful reflection from life’s photographic window seats and contemplative comments that provide refuge from the madness.

2 thoughts on “Salmon With A Side of Tornado

  1. Londa

    It is really unusual weather. Some trees came down here and we haven’t had electricity all evening– and the rain! Never saw a Christmas time like this before! Hope you all are having fun at the INN.

    1. Hope your power came back quickly, Linda. We saw a roof ripped off a building on the other side of Lee Road when we returned yesterday, but our apartment is fine. Must have been some wind!

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